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NC- 2-Pack: 2018 Cantina Gaggiano Leandro Rosso

NC- 2-Pack: 2018 Cantina Gaggiano Leandro Rosso

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The revival of Alto Piemonte's vineyards is a tale of unwavering commitment. Over the last two decades, the resurgence owes much to the efforts of Cristiano Garella, who collaborates with the Fabris family to present the exquisite wines of Cantina Gaggiano. Nestled west of the River Sesia, Gaggiano's vineyards boast iron-rich red volcanic soils in Bramaterra and Gattinara, as well as sandy soils in Lessona. The crimson rocks contribute to wines of remarkable intensity and structure, while the sandy soils impart a beguiling, floral elegance.


"The color is a brilliant ruby; indeed brightness and all things red really carry this wine where descriptions are concerned. The nose is an intense Morello cherry with a mild smoke element behind. The palate is taut and lithe, more red current and the same tart cherry throughout. The acid is lively and keeps the wine moving toward a crisp finish with savory herbs and still more red berry fruit, just-ripe. This is textbook Alto Piemonte, custom-crafted for Northern Italian cuisine."
-Shawn Paul, Wine Operations Manager at Foxcroft Wine Co.

Blend: Nebbiolo 80%, Vespolina 10%, Croatina 10%


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