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NC- 2-Pack: Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais Blanc

NC- 2-Pack: Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais Blanc

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Nestled in the hamlet of Le Breuil, situated in the southern Beaujolais and overlooking a slender creek, the Domaine Dupeuble has maintained an uninterrupted legacy since the year 1512. Throughout its extensive history, the name of the domaine has undergone only three changes, with the most recent occurring in 1919 when the last heir, Anna Asmaquer, entered matrimony with Jules Dupeuble.

Rooted in tradition, the Dupeuble family has upheld a legacy while continually introducing innovations across generations, including expanding their estate. Presently encompassing one hundred hectares, with approximately forty percent dedicated to vineyards, they steadfastly adhere to the principles of Lutte Raisonnée in their vineyard practices, eliminating the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Predominantly cultivating Gamay, their vineyards, facing Southeast, South, and Southwest, predominantly rest on granite-based soil. Upholding a commitment to natural winemaking, the grapes are meticulously harvested by hand and undergo vinification entirely without the addition of SO2. The wines, untouched by chaptalization, filtration, or degassing, exclusively employ natural yeasts for fermentation. Representing exceptional value in Beaujolais, Dupeuble wines are celebrated for their superb quality and remarkably reasonable prices.


Beautiful hints of honey crisp apple, white peach, pear, spice, and honeysuckle grace both the nose and palate. As a true testament to its Burgundian origin, this wine concludes with a delightful burst of minerality, reminding you of its distinct terroir.


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