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NC- 2019 Vicente Gandia Criado en Tinaja "Ceramic" Monastrell

NC- 2019 Vicente Gandia Criado en Tinaja "Ceramic" Monastrell

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Vicente Gandia Winery not only excels in producing fine wines but also prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. By implementing eco-friendly techniques in both their vineyard and winery operations, they aim to reduce their environmental impact and safeguard the beauty of the land for generations to come.

With deep roots in tradition and a forward-thinking approach, Vicente Gandia Winery remains a leading figure in Spanish winemaking, captivating wine lovers worldwide with their exceptional products.


"Intense, dark red wine with lively edges. On the nose, the aromas of ripe plum, liquorice and notes of coconut and vanilla stand out. In the mouth it is wide, robust, with sweet tannins and elegant acidity. Leaving the memory in the mouth of these very ripe red fruits."
-Winemaker Notes


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