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NC- 2-Pack: 2022 Domaine Maurice Charleux et Fils Maranges "Vieilles Vignes"

NC- 2-Pack: 2022 Domaine Maurice Charleux et Fils Maranges "Vieilles Vignes"

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Situated in Dezize-les-Maranges, approximately 4 kilometers southwest of Santenay, Domaine Maurice Charleux has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1894 by Ferdinand Charleux. Initially, Ferdinand owned just over half a hectare of vines. However, by the time of his passing in 1924, he had significantly expanded the estate to cover 2 hectares of vineyard land.

Certain parcels undergo plowing, while others, particularly those susceptible to erosion, are left covered with grass. The Charleux family practices sustainable viticulture, employing a reasoned approach to farming. They primarily utilize copper and sulfur treatments throughout the year, resorting to synthetic treatments only when deemed necessary for the well-being of their plants. In essence, their approach is adaptive, tailored to the demands of prevailing climatic conditions.


The 2022 Maranges displays a deeper hue, veering towards a deep ruby red. Pronounced oak greets the nose, offering hints of vanilla alongside subtle oak spice. Abundant fruit unfolds on the palate, showcasing a plethora of dark and red fruits such as red cherry, black cherry, blackberries, and strawberry, with a hint of bramble. Under this fruit-forward bouquet lies a subtle earthiness, reminiscent of mushrooms.

This wine exhibits a rustic charm, deviating slightly from the typical gentle profile of a Pinot Noir and leaning more towards the masculine style of a Gevrey Chambertin rather than Marsannay. It delights the palate with its ample fruit expression, boasting medium acidity and gentle tannins.


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