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NC- Dilworth 3-4 | Bordeaux Masterclass Night 3

NC- Dilworth 3-4 | Bordeaux Masterclass Night 3

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Bordeaux Masterclass: Exploring the 2014 Vintage with a Decade of Development


Shawn Paul, Foxcroft Wine Co.'s Wine Operations Director​

Monday, March 4th at Foxcroft Dilworth | 6:30 pm

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Bordeaux wines are celebrated for their extraordinary ability to mature gracefully over the course of several decades. This remarkable longevity is a result of the region's commitment to crafting wines with a harmonious balance and solid structure, achieved through meticulous blending of grape varieties. The diverse terroirs and favorable climate of Bordeaux, coupled with the expertise of skilled winemakers, contribute to the creation of wines that age with distinction. As these wines evolve, they undergo a captivating transformation, revealing complex flavors, seamlessly integrated tannins, and an enduring structure. Investing in Bordeaux wines becomes a journey of appreciation, as each passing year unveils a new layer of refined elegance and depth of character.

In this seminar-style tasting Masterclass, Shawn Paul, the Operations Director of Foxcroft Wine, will guide participants through a comprehensive exploration of the 2014 vintage in Bordeaux, 10 years later. You'll taste six wines from Saint-Émilion, Medoc and other distinguished regions while discovering why Bordeaux remains the benchmark for red wines that are ideal for cellaring.


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