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NC- Pierre Péters Cuvée Réserve Grand Cru

NC- Pierre Péters Cuvée Réserve Grand Cru

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In 2008, Rodolphe Péters assumed control of the esteemed estate nestled in the southern Côte des Blancs, marking the fourth generation at the helm since its establishment in 1919 under the name Camille Péters. Spanning 18 hectares, the majority of which lies in the grand cru of Les Mesnil-sur-Oger, Péters also holds small plots in other grand crus such as Oger, Avize, and Cramant. However, it is within Les Mesnil-sur-Oger that 45 of the estate's 63 parcels flourish.

For over forty years, Le Mesnil stood on the cusp of Grand Cru status, a distinction finally bestowed in 1985, despite being widely regarded as the premier village. The vineyards, situated at elevations ranging from 160 to 220 meters, yield the most refined champagnes known to the world. The unique Chardonnay clone found in this cru imparts a captivating bouquet, even when present in a small proportion within a cuvée. Mesnil's wines may initially display a reserved and acidic character in their youth, only to transform into a kaleidoscope of colors and sensational pleasures with age.

François Péters, a remarkably skilled and always cheerful vintner, oversees 17.5 hectares, with twelve nestled in the finest areas of Le Mesnil. Mesnil's wines demand patience for maturation, yet from the outset, Peters' champagnes exude an approachable fruitiness reminiscent of tangerine, coupled with generous notes of butterscotch and nuts. With time, they evolve into majestic depths, reminiscent of a well, boasting coffee and walnut aromas alongside a fleeting vibrancy of exotic fruits. Pierre Péters stands as a hidden gem in the realm of Champagne, with prices that defy belief given the exceptional quality of the wines.


"These are sleek, racy champagnes, expressing a classic character of Côte des Blancs chardonnay. They are marked by their fine acidity and prominent minerality, yet while they are always brisk and chalky. “We have a lot of acidity and a lot of minerality in all our wines,” says Rodolphe Péters. “We want to build the structure of our wines around both acidity and minerality, not acidity alone."


"The wine is clear or pale with hints of green typical to the Chardonnay. The mousse is fine and regular with a pretty ribbon of strong bubbles. The first nose is both flowery and fruity, then comes notes of fresh nuts and fresh bread. In the finish there is citrus which brings a beautiful impression of smoothness and freshness. The attack is frank, associated with delicacy and roundness. The first impression is dominated with fresh white fruits (lemon and pear) and with flowers (acacia), followed by creamy notes. The finally is persistent on the citrus (candied grapefruit, tangerine and lemon) and minerality, bringing freshness and elegance to the wine."

-Winemaker Notes


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