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SC- 2-Pack: 2019 Scholium Project

SC- 2-Pack: 2019 Scholium Project

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Among California's most captivating and unconventional wineries lies the Scholium Project, where simplicity takes a backseat to profound contemplation and lasting impression. Here, you'll encounter wines that defy convention, stimulating thought and leaving indelible memories with every sip.

Embracing both popular and obscure grape varieties, the winemaking at Scholium Project is a fusion of experimentation and a nod to tradition. Winemaker Abe Schoener, initially drawn to winemaking during a sabbatical from teaching Greek philosophy at St. John’s College, crafts wines that are nothing short of extraordinary. The wines emanating from this enigmatic venture are eccentric, innovative, and divisive, standing out distinctly amidst the American winemaking landscape.

Operating on a small scale, with batches often as limited as 15 cases, Schoener's influences span from Plato to the ancient winemaking methods of Gravner in Italy’s Friuli. The name "Scholium," derived from the Greek “scholion,” shares its root with "school" and "scholarship," reflecting a humble pursuit of knowledge and understanding—an endeavor akin to commentary, essay, or study.


Included in 2-Pack:

2019 "1MN" Bechtold Ranch Cinsault

Presents fragrances of ripe strawberries, cherries, and floral nuances, intertwined with a subtle hint of spice. The palate delivers a refreshing, juicy sensation with vibrant acidity and gentle tannins. Red fruit flavors harmonize with a delicate earthy undertone, culminating in a lingering finish.​

The grapes for 1MN was stomped by foot without any destemming, fermented in contact with the skins and stems for about 21 days, drained and pressed and put down to neutral Kongsgaard barrels without SO2. The wine then aged absolutely undisturbed in these barrels for 21 months.

2019 La Severita Di Bruto Fari​ Sauvignon Blanc

A wine of profound complexity and intensity, displaying a deep ruby hue. Its bouquet reveals enticing aromas of dark fruits, blackberries, and plums, accented by subtle earthy and floral undertones. On the palate, it unfolds with richness and full-bodied texture, seamlessly integrating well-matched tannins and culminating in a prolonged, memorable finish.

The grapes for La Severita Di Bruto Fari was stomped by foot without any destemming, pressed gently and quickly, and fermented in a combination of neutral Kongsgaard barrels and stainless steel barrels. We made a strong SO2 addition at the beginning to inhibit malolactic fermentation, but then never again. The wine then aged absolutely undisturbed in these barrels for 33 months.


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