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SC- 2-Pack: Les Heritieres du Comte Lafon Macon-Villages

SC- 2-Pack: Les Heritieres du Comte Lafon Macon-Villages

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Established in 1999 by Dominique Lafon, Héritiers du Comte Lafon stands as a pioneering, biodynamic Mâconnais estate. These extraordinary Chardonnay wines showcase the true potential of this enchanting region. Historically, the Mâconnais was known for producing industrially farmed, mass-produced wines. However, Dominique Lafon saw beyond the status quo and became the first Cote d’Or producer to recognize the untapped greatness of the rolling hills, acquiring higher altitude, old vine parcels with the vision of unlocking the full potential of this picturesque terroir, one of the most scenic wine regions in the world.

With a commitment to biodynamic farming, Lafon set out to preserve the region's fruit and minerality, employing larger, neutral wood for aging the wines. His unwavering belief and passion for the Mâconnais have transformed Héritiers du Comte Lafon into a prominent symbol of fine wine in a previously overlooked Chardonnay haven.

Today, under the leadership of his nephew and daughter, Pierre and Léa Lafon, the gospel of quality Mâconnais wines is spreading far and wide with a clear and definitive voice, continuing Dominique's legacy of excellence and respect for the extraordinary potential of the region.

Delightfully pleasing, this wine exudes the luscious essence of ripe apple fruit, complemented by a gentle and inviting texture on the palate. As an entry-level offering from Lafon's Mâcon venture, it combines the best from all their parcels, including sites in Uchizy, Viré, Chardonnay, and Bussières. The fruit is carefully pressed and undergoes fermentation in large, upright oak casks before a brief aging period and bottling. Just like the rest of the range, this wine adheres to certified organic practices with the principles of biodynamics at its core.

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