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SC- 2-Pack: Stolpman

SC- 2-Pack: Stolpman

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Stolpman Vineyards, started in 1990 in Ballard Cannon and Santa Barbara, California, is a revered name synonymous with quality and innovation in American winemaking. Established by Tom and Marilyn Stolpman in 1990, this family-owned estate is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to sustainable farming methods and its passion for crafting exceptional Rhône varietal wines.

Embracing a philosophy of small-lot, artisanal production, Stolpman Vineyards meticulously tends to its vineyards, allowing the unique terroir of the region to impart its distinct character to each bottle. From their renowned Syrahs to their graceful Roussannes and Grenaches, the wines of Stolpman Vineyards beautifully capture the essence of the Santa Barbara wine country, reflecting the dedication of its founders and the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Included In 2-Pack:

Uni White

“Golden pineapple, white flowers, and Asian pear backed by tangerine citrus. Delightful fuzziness all over from the nose through the mouth. Fresh, crunchy acidity complements the full bodied richness of the mid-palate and provides a titillating cut under the fleshy, cloudy textures. It is rare to find so much zest and energy in such a coating white wine!​"

-Winemaker Notes

Blend: 70% Roussanne and 30% Chardonnay


So Fresh "GDG"

“God D#mn! A booming red to black fruit continuum knock out.  Red currant to red vines down to firm boysenberry.  The opaque crimson-lined black color foreshadows a coating density that plays gracefully with GDG’s signature crunch.  Whole cluster notes of dried herbs and bramble encircle the giving, generous heart.  The GDG possesses a Holy Trinity of depth, crunch, and beauty.”

-Winemaker Notes


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