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SC- Styers Family Chardonnay

SC- Styers Family Chardonnay

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Santa Barbara Chardonnay is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique character, making it a standout choice among wine enthusiasts. Cultivated in the picturesque vineyards of Santa Barbara County, this Chardonnay showcases the region's ideal climate and terroir. The cool ocean breezes and foggy mornings provide the perfect conditions for the grapes to ripen slowly, allowing the development of complex flavors and balanced acidity. Santa Barbara Chardonnay is often praised for its rich, buttery texture, accompanied by vibrant notes of ripe apple, tropical fruits, and subtle hints of vanilla and oak. This varietal captures the essence of the sun-soaked Californian vineyards, delivering a delightful sensory experience that lingers on the palate.

This Chardonnay, with its radiant golden hue, exudes vibrant aromas of ripe tropical fruits and hints of toasted oak. On the palate, it delights with flavors of succulent pineapple, luscious mango, and golden apple. The finish lingers, offering a full-bodied experience enriched by the nuances of toasted butter that is often found on California Chardonnays.


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