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SC- 2-Pack: Obsidian Ridge

SC- 2-Pack: Obsidian Ridge

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Nestled at an elevation of 2,600 feet on the Mayacamas range, just north of Napa Valley, Obsidian Ridge Vineyards thrives in the rarefied air of mountainous terrain. The steep slopes at this lofty altitude boast iron-rich volcanic soils that impart a striking red hue, scattered with shards of black obsidian. In the Red Hills of Lake County, this unique combination of distinctive soils and mountain climate nurtures the growth of robust reds and elegant whites.


Included In 2-Pack:

Obsidian Ridge "Rosé for the Bay"

"Our goal with this Pinot Noir Rosé is for it to evoke a perfect day by the Bay: fresh and clean as an ocean breeze, crisp with a touch of salinity that begs for an oyster, and just enough supple, sun-kissed fruitfulness to pleasantly while away a relaxing afternoon."

-Winemaker Notes

100% of proceeds from Rosé for the Bay goes to the San Fransico Baykeeper.


Obsidian Ridge "Jacobsen Ranch" Sauvignon Blanc

"There is a particularly mineral acidity to volcanic white wines that shines through this citrusy sauvignon blanc. The aroma reminds us of limes and lemongrass, the flavors fall more into the orange and lemon-lime spectrum, fresh and clean yet round and intense as well. All we need is to open a bottle of this outdoors, and magically, we’re on holiday."

-Winemaker Notes


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