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SC- Michael Cruse Deming Valdiguie Pet-Nat

SC- Michael Cruse Deming Valdiguie Pet-Nat

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While Michael Cruse may no longer be the newcomer on the scene, his wines retain an unrivaled freshness. Cruse Wine Co. continues to produce crushable wines that pay homage to the essence of modern Californian cuisine and culture. A trailblazer in reshaping perceptions of California wines, Cruse was among the early advocates for a more balanced and delicate style. His groundbreaking contributions were acknowledged in 2016 when he was honored as Winemaker of the Year by the SF Chronicle. Regrettably, with the word out, his wines are quick to disappear from shelves, a testament to their well-deserved popularity.


Bursting forth with exuberance, this delightful sparkling wine dazzles with vibrant and crisp notes of tart cranberry, white pepper, red cherries, and currants. According to Michael, Valdiguie showcases its aromatic potential when cultivated with care and harvested before reaching full ripeness. The aromatic symphony seamlessly transitions into palate-pleasing flavors, accompanied by a touch of fresh cream. Waves of minerality and invigorating, thirst-quenching acidity wash over the senses, creating a masterful expression of Pet-Nat.



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